USB Drive Recovery Software

Recovers lost data including pictures, images, text document, music song files and folders from USB flash drives.

Retrieves data in different data loss situations like accidental deletion, virus infection, hardware or software malfunction etc.

Recovers data from all storage capacity of USB drives.

Enables you to save recovered files and folders at user specified location for future purpose.

Price : Just $45


USB recovery software is capable to recover all lost files and folders from USB Pen drive, Thumb Drive, Key Drive, Flash Drive, Compact Drive, Smart Drive and other types of USB drives. USB drive data recovery software quickly scans your pen drive and recovers all lost files and folders.

We also provide USB drive recovery software for Apple Mac OS X installed computer system. Mac USB drive recovery software easily performs pen drive data recovery on Mac OS X installed machine.

Recover data due in various data loss occurrence
Unexpected Power Failure

Unexpected Power Failure

If power failure occurs while transferring data from USB drive to computer then it results in data loss from your pen drive. Software helps you to get back lost data due to power failure issue.

Not using Safely Remove Hardware" Option

Not using "Safely Remove Hardware" Option

If you eject USB drive directly without using this option then you may lose files from USB drives. With USB drive recovery program, you can retrieve lost files.

Accidental Deletion

Accidental Deletion

If you accidentally delete files from USB drive when it is connected to the PC, then it does not go into recycle bin. Hence you may lose your data. USB recovery program restores all data from USB drive due to accidental deletion.

Virus Attack

Virus Attack

 If you connect your pen drive to the system which is infected by virus then it might enter your pen drive also, leaving all the files inaccessible.

Format Error

Format Error

“Drive is not formatted, do you want to format it now”. Sometimes this type of error message pops up as soon as you connect your USB drive to the PC. This forces you to format USB drive before usage and hence results in data loss. Using USB drive recovery program, you can easily recover data from formatted USB drive.

Steps for USB drive recovery

Step 1 : Select searching modes

Step 2 : Select USB drive for recovery

Step 3 : Wait until software completes scanning

Step 4 : Recovery result

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