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KeyLogger Software

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KeyLogger Software

KeyLogger Software


KeyLogger is easy-to-use surveillance monitoring tool that monitors and records typed keystrokes on the computer system. With the help of Keylogger utility you can find what your friends, relatives, family members are doing on your computer and similarly investigate your child activities on the internet.

Computer monitoring tool secretly records typed keystrokes including documents, windows login id, password, emails (Yahoo, MSN, Rediff, and Gmail etc), chat conversations, visited website and everything that is typed on your Desktop and Laptop PC keyboard. Professional Keyboard monitoring utility saves all information in encrypted log file and provides facility to send log file to user predefined email address.

Key Features
  • Easily traces typed keystrokes made on your computer system.
  • Logs the URL's of the visited homepage.
  • Record the login time and date of the every session created.
  • Generate reports of recorded data in txt or html file formats.
  • Software run in standard and hidden mode.
  • Software invisible in Desktop, Startup menu, Add/Remove program list and destination folders.
  • Provide facility to set hot key or run command to access Keylogger application if it’s run in hidden mode.
  • Attractive and interactive graphical user interface and easy to use for novice users.
  • Software overrides all major anti-virus and anti Keylogger software.