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NTFS Recovery Software

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NTFS Recovery Software

NTFS Recovery Software

Product info : NTFS data recovery software is easy to use solution for your lost, corrupted, damaged data files and folders from Windows NTFS or NTFS5 file system. Program recovers data lost due to formatted, deleted, corrupted partitions on your hard disk drive and support Data Recovery from compressed and encrypted files.


Advanced NTFS file retrieval utility recovers data from emptied recycle bin or when data is deleted using (shift+delete) keys and support all major fixed hard disk manufacturers including Maxtor, Seagate, Samsung and Sony in all major storage capacity. Software safely restores data from damaged MBR and other corrupted boot files with easy to use functionality which can be executed easily by non-technical person.

Key features:
  • Support all IDE, ATA, SCSI hard drives.
  • Support large capacity hard disk drive.
  • Data recovery support to compressed and encrypted files on NTFS.
  • Support NTFS file system on all major Laptop and PC Hard disks.
  • Support major hard disk manufactures Samsung, Maxtor, Seagate, Hitachi etc.
  • Recovers data from damaged MBR, DBR boot sector or partition table.
  • Recovers deleted files and folders even after the use of Shift+Del keys or emptied recycle bin.
  • Software is safe and easy to use.